Messages are used to display important content on the page, inside a card or modal.


  • type - info/success/warning/error
  • title
  • text
  • closable - toggle a close button to remove the message
  • buttonText - render a button
  • buttonLink - url link for the button
  closable={ true }
  title='Welcome to Gravity!'
  text='This is a sample dashboard to get you started. Please read the documentation to learn how to build your own features.'

Info Message

Scheduled Maintenance

We'll be releasing some updates tonight at 01:00 GMT. You may experience some temporary issues with the dashboard.

Success Message

Account Verified

Congratulations, your account has been verified.

Warning Message


Please update your security settings immediately or your account will be suspended.

Error Message

Account Disabled

Your account has been temporarily disabled due to suspicious activity.

Get Help

Blank Slate Message

Blank slate messages are used when no data exists.

Get Started

Click the button below to create your first thing


  • title
  • text
  • buttonText - render a button
  • action - callback function executed on button click
 title='Get Started!'
 text='Create your first thing by clicking the button below. 
 buttonText='Do Stuff' 
 action={ this.doStuff() } >