There's no need to deploy expensive third-party analytics tools to track user behaviour in Gravity as it comes with built-in client-side event tracking and analytics.

Track Events

To track an event, import the <Event/> component and call the create method with a name and optional metadata. This will log a new event in your database.

You can toggle the server side logging using the STORE_EVENT_LOGS env var.

import { Event } from 'components/lib';

export function Upgrade(props){

  async function upgradePlan(){
     Event.create('upgrade', { plan: 'Unicorn' });

Boilerplate Events

The following events are already configured for you:

  • signin

  • invited_user

  • closed_account

Event Analytics

You can get the bird's eye view of all of your event data in Mission Control, available on the Power plan. If you'd like to upgrade, please get in touch to receive the discount.

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