Seat Billing

Gravity supports seat (or per-user) billing, so you can charge an account owner based on the number of users on their account.

When a new user accepts an invite, they will be added to the subscription for that account. If they are removed from the account they will be removed from the subscription.

It's disabled by default. You can toggle this behaviour on or off in the config file:

"seat_billing": false,

You should also enable it in the Mission Control config file too.

Enabling Volume Billing in Stripe

Per-seat billing using the volume pricing in Stripe. You need to create a new price and set the pricing model to volume pricing.

Then, set the price per unit to whatever you want to charge per seat. Gravity will add or subtract a unit from the subscription when a new user is added or deleted.


On seat-tiered plans, invoice_now and prorate are enabled. Users will be charged at the end of the billing cycle for uncharged tiered usage.

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