Database Setup

You'll need an empty database for storing your application data, so go ahead and set up a new one using your favourite database service.

You don't need to create any tables or documents – Gravity will do that automatically for you.

MySQL & Mongo database drivers are included by default. If you're using another database client eg. Postges then please install the relevant driver with npm.

Take note of your database credentials, you'll need these during the setup process.

If you're using a local instance of MongoDB you will need to remove srv from the connection string after your run the setup process. See below.

// change this line in model/mongo
const url = `mongodb+srv://${process.env.DB_USER}:${encodeURIComponent(process.env.DB_PASSWORD)}@${process.env.DB_HOST}/${process.env.DB_NAME}`;

// to this
const url = `mongodb://${process.env.DB_USER}:${encodeURIComponent(process.env.DB_PASSWORD)}@${process.env.DB_HOST}/${process.env.DB_NAME}`;

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