Use Firelab by Gravity to run comprehensive end-to-end browser and integration tests.

Mocha Integration Tests

Gravity comes with a full suite of integration tests included in the toolbelt. You can run these to ensure your application functions as it should before releasing it.
Please set the SUPPORT_EMAIL variable in your environment before running tests as this email is used for testing.
// to start the tests, run:
gravity test
// or
npm test
The testing suite uses mocha and chai, you can find boilerplate tests in the /test folder.

How Tests Work

A test calls the API endpoint and passes a data object. The response is then tested to ensure the correct status is returned and the returned data matches a specific format.
describe('POST /account', () => {
it ('should create a new paid account', done => {
config.account.paid.token = { id: 'tok_visa' };
.end((err, res) => {
process.env.token = 'Bearer ' + res.body.token;
// cleanup
delete config.account.paid.token;
To add your own tests, simply create a new test script and import it to the run.js file (executed by the toolbelt). Use the example above as a template to get you started.
You can also use npm test