Before you can use Mission Control you should install the Gravity server and client and ensure that it's running. Mission Control will plug into your existing API endpoints and database.
Once running, run the following command in terminal:
npm run setup
After you have completed the setup process, open a new browser window and navigate to:
Please ensure you use a strong password if you plan to deploy Mission Control to a live server.
Then complete the setup wizard, similar to the main client setup flow.
Mission control runs port 5001 (server) and 5002 (client) to ensure there is no conflict with your main application.

Clean Up

You MUST remove the setup files from your install after setup. Failing to do so, will let anyone access the setup process.
You can use the cleanup script to automate this for you:
npm run cleanup
If you want to remove the files manually:
  • /client/src/views/setup folder
  • /controller/setupController
  • /model/setup
  • /api/index.js
  • remove the setup import from /server/api/index.js
  • the setup route import in /client/src/app.js