Common issues and how to fix them.

Axios 404 error in the client

The sever is not running or the client can not reach it.

Often the node server will not start because there is already an instance of node running on port 8080. Kill the other instances and try again.

killall node
npm run dev // or nodemon in server folder

When the server is running you will see the Welcome to Gravity 🚀 message in your terminal console.

CLI toolbet command not found

The setup script will run npm link but sometimes it may fail, run it again manually.

npm link

Setup script did not complete

This is usually an issue on certain windows shells.

Replace the ; in the setup script in package.json with &&

"setup": "node bin/installcheck && npm install && npm link && node bin/clientcheck && cd ../client && npm install && cd ../server && node bin/appcheck && cd ../app && npm install && cd ../server && node bin/setup.js && npm run dev",

Email template not found

Run the seed file to populate the database.

// sql
node seeds/sql

// mongo
node seeds/mongo

Can't log into Mission Control

TOKEN_SECRET in your Mission Control .env file does not match the TOKEN_SECRET in /server.

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