User Onboarding

A sequence of user onboarding automations that are performed as a background job are included.

The following emails are sent to a new user:

  1. Verification email

  2. Verification reminder after 1 day if not verified

  3. Welcome email when verification is completed

  4. Subscription plan selected

  5. Trial expires in 3 days

  6. Trial has expired and account was upgraded

The link in the verification reminder email only works with the Gravity web client. Verification requests for the native app must be triggered via the 'resend verification' button within the app.

Starting The Onboarding Worker

There is a background job worker that runs the onboarding flow once every day at 12:05pm London time. You can adjust this inside the config by changing worker_schedule.onboarding.

This flow performs 3 tasks out-of-the-box:

  1. Gets a list of active trials from Stripe and sends an email to those expiring in 3 days from today.

  2. Gets a list of trials from Stripe that expire today and notifies the user they have been upgraded to the paid plan they selected.

  3. Gets a list of new accounts created yesterday that are still unverified and sends the user a reminder email.

Ensure the background worker is running and then execute the start script to begin the daily CRON job.

node worker/onboarding // start the background job worker
node worker/onboarding/start // start the daily cron queue

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