My goal with Gravity Native is to make it accessible for Javascript developers to build mobile apps without spending months learning new skills

To achieve this, I’ve chosen a stack of React Native managed with Expo which means you can deploy a fully functional mobile app to both iOS and Android with Javascript and no native programming experience.

While payments are currently possible with Expo, it requires ejecting from the Expo managed workflow and working with complicated procedures and debugging using native IDEs.

This process is not for the faint-hearted or those without native development experience.

Therefore, to keep things simple for everyone, I’ve decided to hold off on implementing payments until Expo releases a payments module that can be used in the managed workflow without ejecting.

The good news is that this is the most requested Expo feature.

If you need payments urgently, you can eject your Gravity Native app at any point and install the Expo payments module.

In-app subscriptions will be subject to Apple’s 30% commission. Alternatively, you can accept subscription payments using Gravity Web for ~3% using Stripe.

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